Get Restarted with Things you Like

Get Restarted with Things you Like

Restarting things can be difficult. There are things that are mandatory for us to restart (like back to the office after a long vacation) and then there are things that we like but due to one or the other reason, we quit them. The challenges of getting restarted are many. You will be marred with numerous questions like “What’s the use of restarting?” “Will I be able to sustain it this time?” “Will I succeed this time?” or “Is the universe telling me this is not for me?”.

But it doesn’t matter what the questions are or how many excuses you make to yourself, it’s important to simply get restarted. Especially restart the things that you like or used to like, that gave you joy.

get started with things you like!

Swimming, Running, Reading comic books, writing poems, Coffee with friends, toy trains, kite flying, late night calls with best friend, writing poetry, composing music, or any such activity that brings you joy and makes you feel good, you should restart, if you have quit it.

You might fail again, so what? Just come back to it again whenever you can. It could be the 10th or 100th time that you might be trying it and not able to sustain it. But it doesn’t matter. Getting back on the saddle is what counts.

In the current chaotic world where it’s difficult to find peace and joy, being able to keep connecting with things that give you joy is important. And most important you don’t have to compete everywhere and you need not excel in everything you do. Just being able to ‘do‘ that thing and spend time doing the things that you love is most important.

So dust up that Learning French book lying on the shelf, pick up the phone and call your school buddy, or shut down your laptop switch on the music get in the kitchen, and make that ‘one perfect dish‘ that you haven’t made for a while.

Don’t overthink simply get restarted

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