Do I Need to Post too?

Do I Need to Post too?

Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden

This adage is becoming obsolete in today’s social media crazy world. The media companies want as many users as possible to contribute (aka speak) rather than simply consume.

And once you look at the posts and comments and even offline, the number of conferences and events happening and a multitude speaking (many times without having knowledge of the subject), it puts pressure on us to ‘speak‘ as well.

But don’t give in to the lure of speaking just for speaking sake. Good listeners are hard to come by and if you are one of those then someone will value that. And listeners often are more knowledgeable than compulsive speakers.

Speak, Post, and Comment if you have something worthwhile to say or share. Don’t do it just because others are doing it and you feel like drifting into oblivion.

Listening to or consuming the knowledge around and making sense of it to make or do something better is always a winning skill irrespective of your profession. And once you start listening carefully you will develop the ability to distinguish between important things and the noise. If you can learn to do that you will save a lot of time, which in today’s world is ‘golden’

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