Watching Netflix is Meditation

watching netflix

The world creates notions about things and defines the things that work for them or best suit their purpose.

One such notion is about Meditation. Meditation can be achieved by sitting cross-legged in a serene environment controlling your breathing and so on. Then there were other definitions added to this sphere. A very sophisticated definition is tried to be created. It’s portrayed as an elusive state that only a special few can attain.

So here’s one more definition that works for me and serves the purpose. Meditation is to calm your mind, to stop that constant chatter so that you can focus on things better and attain peace in your heart and mind.

That can be achieved by various means to various people, dancing elevates some people to that level, sports, playing musical instruments, reading books, and listening to religious commentary or sports commentary, playing with kids or pets help some people attain that calmness. Oh yes, and watching Netflix also does that trick for some.

Yes, why not? Watching Netflix is also Meditation.

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