Write It Down

In everyday life we have a lot on our heads. Many decisions to take, many things to attend to, many scenarios to think about, many chores to attend.

Sometimes this makes our mind get agitated and then we are either taking a wrong decision, forgetting something important, or getting irritated.

One thing that can help in taking load off your mind and calming it down is to write things down. Write it down on a piece of physical pen and paper.

  • Write down the things that you need to do
  • Write down the decisions that you have to take
  • Write down the pros and cons before taking a decision
  • Write down the appointments that you have to attend
  • Write down anything that you think is important and you want to remember

You might not be able to attend to everything that you write down. However, you will start to feel light in your head and will be able to focus better on the current tasks at hand. And after that task is done, simply go to your notepad and look into the next task/decision/appointment you have written down, rather than stressing your mind to recall all the things that you have to attend to.

Would writing on a Digital medium help? It’s better than nothing and might work out for you if you are always on your digital device or more comfortable with it. However, writing it manually on a paper is a much better option and your recall value is higher.

Ultimately, whether you prefer traditional pen and paper or digital mediums, the key is to commit your thoughts to a tangible form. Experience the difference firsthand by incorporating this simple yet powerful practice into your daily routine.

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