Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ Is It Really Country?

Around February first week Beyonce released her first country single “Texas Hold ‘Em” and it climbed at the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. It has made her the first black artist to top the charts. But is it real country music?

Some die-hard fans of country music might disagree and would argue that it even sounds country but then country music has been influenced by many other genres in the past (like any other music genre) and it’s not necessary to fight over it.

If it sounds good to you, go ahead and listen to it, and if not you can move over to the next ‘real’ country artist.

I liked the song but she’s is not a voice that I can associate with country music as of now. Let’s see if she decides to pursue it further or if it’s an experiment for her.

You listen to it below and decide for yourself.

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