Bosses Should Understand That Fear Isn’t A Great Motivator


Recently some emails of Mark Zuckerberg to his employees were discovered as part of a lawsuit against Meta. Read more about it here.

The emails show the terse language used by Zuckerberg to employees, where he suggests they cross a line. Also, he seems to be pressuring them and only talks about only the tasks.

There is a good deal of analysis that’s happening and psychologist have provided their views about these communications. Read it here: We asked a psychologist for his take on Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial email to staff. Here’s what he said.

Overall, it sounds like a typical boss commanding his minions to ‘get the work done‘, ‘whatever it takes‘.

Now that’s not uncommon in the corporate world where the bosses and leaders may have read hundreds of books on leadership but when the time comes to implement it, they behave like complete a**holes.

Don’t Use Fear As A Weapon

Bosses who aren’t sure about themselves or have confidence in the work they are doing, often use fear as a weapon and they think that it can be a great motivator. However, it can be a motivator or a catalyst for some slackers but it acts as a deterrent for those who actually get things done. For such employees threats and pressuring language simply make them question their work environment the leader they are working under and his abilities to manage.

Shutting down People is never good

If a boss is trying to shut down people and forcefully establishing that his word is the last and they should follow him unquestioningly then he will get ‘exactly that‘. But that’s never good for him or the business. Real leaders should be more concerned when people around them stop speaking their minds rather than when they do.

Not Trusting Your Team Is Your Folly

If a boss can’t trust his team then that’s a very unfortunate situation. But the blame for that also lies with the boss. You should be able to create a team that you can trust and rely on. Teams should be able to function on their own and as a true leader, your job is to enable them and guide them and not command them what to do and how to do it.

Leaders Cultivate Leaders

Bosses aren’t supposed to behave like class teachers. Team members are usually mature and experienced individuals. They need a nudge and the right direction to execute their tasks. They should be given autonomy to run things the way they like. One of them will assume the role of leader whenever it is required. It’s not essential for a boss to always make his presence felt. A true leader should not be scared of the team running without him. But he should strive to make the team self-managed and should be able to cultivate more leaders like him.

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